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Waxwing Polishes Ltd. / C.F.S Natural Wax / Black Antique / Brown Antique

Our Waxwing range of hard wax polishes which are still handmade to the recipe used by the company's founder in 1965 is a unique blend of raw waxes, including beeswax, with a turpentine base and special natural oils.

Our range contains clear and coloured waxes, they can be used on all types of wood and any type of finish. While many wax polishes can leave a sticky surface which smears easily, our Waxwing wax leaves a hard shine which is virtually impossible to fingermark.

Waxwing polishes are available at Thirsk Decorating Centre and in a variety of hardware and antique shops locally, nationally and internationally.

Anyone interested in stocking the Waxwing polish ranges please contact Jamie Etherington on 01845 440668 or

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