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Iron Paste
Liberon Iron Paste is a black graphite paste producing a silver/black look to decorative cast and wr..
Ex Tax: £7.78
Steel Wool
Liberon Steel Wool is produced using a high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool ..
Ex Tax: £2.18
Rabbit Skin Glue
Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue is a traditional glue which is mainly used in gesso and size preparations f..
Ex Tax: £7.18
Finishing Oil
Liberon Finishing Oil is a blend of high quality oils to nourish and enhance the colour of all inter..
Ex Tax: £10.82
Quick Dry Tung Oil
Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil is highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. It provides a h..
Ex Tax: £10.03
Floor Sealer
As a leading manufacturer of products for wooden floors and furniture, Liberon has developed a range..
Ex Tax: £11.63
Floor Wax
Liberon Floor Wax nourishes and beautifies new and reclaimed wooden floors, giving them a traditiona..
Ex Tax: £12.82
Black Patinating Wax
Liberon Black Patinating Wax creates striking effects on all types of material such as metal, wood a..
Ex Tax: £10.40
Liming Wax
Liberon Liming Wax is a white wax used to create a limed effect on oak and other hardwoods. Key f..
Ex Tax: £12.53
Beeswax Block
Liberon Beeswax Block is 100 % pure beeswax for making furniture polish and lubricating draw runners..
Ex Tax: £1.38
Black Bison Paste Wax
Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison (Paste) reveals the beauty of your furniture. Liberon Black Bison Fi..
Ex Tax: £8.44
Palette Wood Dye
Liberon Palette Wood Dyes are ideal for dying / colouring all interior bare wood work, whilst leavin..
Ex Tax: £4.63
Laminate Clean & Seal
Liberon Laminate Clean and Seal is a non-aggressive cleaner for the regular maintenance of laminate ..
Ex Tax: £8.91
Laminate Reviver
Liberon Laminate Reviver is ideal for restoring and protecting laminate and vinyl floors. It helps ..
Ex Tax: £8.91
Stone Floor Cleaner
Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner is ideal for removing built-up layers of dirt, grease and Liberon Stone ..
Ex Tax: £11.44
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